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scg services

SCG Services

SCG Services are the 'go-to' people for plastic fabrication and pipework.

We have been heavily involved in the renewable energy sector for many years with our projects ranging from large scale pipework installs on Anerobic Digestion facilities to micro hydro schemes as small as 1.6kw!

If it can be made from Plastic then we can help. From design right through to fabrication and installation SCG services will get it exactly right.

SCG Rental Power

Dunoon based SCG services are proud to announce our new rental power division. We have a range of generators from site power 3kVA to road towable options for events or industry.


What we do: 

  • Pipework installation
  • PE, PVC, PP fabrications
  • 25mm to 3.5meter diameter pipefitting
  • Bespoke plastic fabrications
  • Steel bracketing and bracing
  • EF & Butt fusion pipe fitting
  • Pipework layout and design
  • Pipework and ancillaries supply
  • Plastic tooling
  • Extrusion welders
  • Tooling hire
  • Generator hire

For further info contact:

Stuart Gower

Engineering Manager
SCG Services

T: 01369 700929