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Hobbyweld Gas

Fynewood is the Cowal agent for the Hobbyweld range of rental free gases.


Unlike most industrial gas cylinder suppliers in the UK, Hobbyweld do not charge rental on their gas cylinders, you simply pay a one off refundable deposit for the cylinder and 'pay as you go' for your gas refills.

We have a range of gas mixes suitable for a number of applications. Whether you're restoring a classic car, running a small business or having a party and need 160 balloons filled, we have the gas for you.

There are 2 sizes of gas cylinders available:

Hobbyweld Original - our renowned 9 litre cylinder designed for low volume users Hobbyweld Ultra - our market leading 20 litre cylinder, more suited for high volume users

Hobbyweld Ultra 

For more information:

Download our Hobbyweld leaflet with prices (pdf file)

Download the Hobbyweld Shielding Gas Guide (pdf)

Visit the Hobbyweld website



Hobbyweld ballon gas